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Barter/Giveaway: Lots of Gluten-Containing Yummies! 
21st-Aug-2006 05:57 pm
I have discovered I am highly gluten-intolerant (possibly even allergic). Thus, I cleaned out my pantry and have lots of gluten-containing food and body care items to get rid of!

-Two (2) juice-box sized containers of Organic EdenSoy Extra (Fortified) Original Soy Milk

-One (1) unopened, sealed bottle of Annie's Naturals Organic Hot Chipotle BBQ sauce

-One (1) unopened, sealed 32-oz container of Rice Dream (Enriched, Original Flavor)

-One (1) sealed package, Japanese buckwheat noodles (contain regular wheat flour in addition to buckwheat) - Orchids brand (product of Japan)

-One (1) unopened package, Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend thin spaghetti (supposed to be one of the best-tasting whole wheat blend pastas)

-Five (5) cans Natural Light Beer [if you don't want it to drink, maybe you want it to catch slugs in yer garden?]

-One (1) unopened box, Streit's Passover Cake Meal (finely ground matzoh meal, Kosher for Passover, great for cakes and kugel)

-One (1) half-used box of Streit's matzo meal (for matzo balls, etc)

-One (1) box of Wheatena Toasted Wheat (Hot) Cereal - High fiber cereal, very yummy and nutty tasting. I used about 1 ounce of this 22 ounce box

-One (1) big bag of Chapati flour (Indian whole wheat bread flour for chapati, paratha, etc) basically identical to whole wheat pastry flour) - Laxmi brand, all natural, ntohing added. I've used about a cup of a 4-lb bag.

-Approximately 2.5 lbs of King Arthur Traditional Whole Wheat Flour

-1-2 lbs rolled oats (bulk)

-5 packets of instant organic Nature's Path oatmeal (unflavored, unsweetened)

-Gluten free grocery items, packaged foods, spices
-Planters & the plates that go under them
-Seeds & plants for my garden
-All-natural, gluten-free body & household products - Unscented or lightly scented with natural essential oils
-Cooking Light magazines & any other health-oriented cookbooks or magazines
-Essential oils
-Herbal medicinal teas (tea bags, not loose)
-Spice jars
-Books (esp health, Jewish, recovery, children's books, business, legal, fiction)
-Yankees or Oakland A's t-shirts (L/XL)
-Artwork for my walls
-Gift cards to basically anywhere
-Bag for my Scrabble tiles
-Large cooking pots (smaller than stock pot, bigger than saucepan)
-Memory foam pillow or seat cushion
-Help with filing
-Help with dusting or floor-mopping

Lord, I sound like a hippie. I'm not a hippie... I swear.

Take all or some of what I got, and make me a (non-monetary) offer even if you don't have any of the things I listed that I want.
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22nd-Aug-2006 04:17 am (UTC)
All rolled oats (except for one or two brands) produced in the US are potentially cross-contaminated. They grown on the same property as wheat, and processed on the same equipment. Thus, celiacs can have serious damage from oat consumption. Sucky, but true. McCann's, thankfully, is cross-contamination free- So that's what I'll be sticking to.

Oh and there are really good recipes for wheat-free pizza crusts! I'm ordering some pre-made ones from a gluten-free bakery, too, so I can make 'em at home ;-)
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