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Sat. 6/28- Soulstice Swap- Homeygrown's Clothing Exchange TOMORROW!

Hey Bay Area Folks!  Time to swap those clothes!

More sun means less clothes...clean out that closet to make room for more wears!

Celebrate the long days of summer by swapping with us!


$5 admission + a bag of clean clothes and such

18+ with ID, 21+ to drink

$3-5 donation for & sangria!


Live silkscreening by HOMEYGROWN

$3 for one design, $5 unlimited!

all the FREE clothes you can get!

you can also bring shoes, household items, movies, books, music, nonperishable foods, etc.

all leftovers will be donated to charity!

Held at the lengendary Soundwave Studios in West Oakland!

Put on some wacky finds for our soul-swappin' fashion show!

For under $15, you can get free clothes, customized silkscreens, free munchies, and all you can drink! What a deal!

Hope you can make our clothing swap! Tons of fun and free clothes....Just bring a bag of clothes to swap!

We'll also be silkscreening so if there's anything you have that needs some homeygrown lovin, bring it through!

Tell your friends and spread the word!

This event was one of East Bay Express' Top Picks for the weekend!  Check it out on page 113 or here.
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Barter systems discussion

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I've got a 3COM SuperStack II Switch 9300 and a 3COM SuperStack II Switch 1100 I'd like to get rid of to any of you networking types I'll trade for anything. The 9300 is a fiber optic switch and the 1100 is a regular 10/100 LAN switch in case you're all wondering.

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So, I thought it was worth giving this a shot..

My friend and I have tons of clothes which we tried selling at a yard sale at our downtown Hayward home today. Problem was, our street has barely any traffic, and even with fliers, we basically failed.
There's numerous pant suits, separates, clothes with tags, a bunch of really really nice crap.

I really dont want to drag myself to Buffalo Exchange or crossroads, because I really hate those places. Not worth it. I know that I can just call a truck to pick up my charity donations, but was wondering if anyone had any other info?

Maybe a place that will give you a little store credit or let you barter? Or at least a really good charity to donate to? I would at least want to know that, if all these pricey things are going out of my possession, they are going to a really good cause.


Edit: Im trying to do this fairly quick, and with all the clothes at once, since Im moving next week, so Im trying not to look at craigslist as an option.
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Have fabric to trade...

Mostly fabric ranging in size from scraps to yards and yards of various kinds of fabric - solids and colors. And some batting.

I also have 2 bolts of wool - one grey and one a mellow sorta aqua color.
I have several yards of a green, brown and white plad flannel
I have solids and patterns in varying weights
I also have bath salts - some scented, some I can show you how to add your own scent to.
I do Reiki and peer counseling
I could also offer child care trades

I'm looking for:
someone to help me with my 1983 Volvo - it needs a tune and a c-v joint (I'd buy parts, of course)
house cleaning/organizing help
child care

North Oakland


resume help; copyediting; vegan cooking lessons; books (I'll put a list up later today, but it includes mystery books, a sugar-free dessert cookbook, and others); games (Acronymity, some others -- I'll update the list tonight)

Looking for:

Logo design; gardening supplies (specifically, 5-6 cu ft. each of coarse-grade vermiculite and peat moss); breadbaking lessons; a breadmaker; small (3-4 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide?) bookcase for cookbooks; ink cartridges for Lexmark X75 printer; photo printing paper; expansion packs for Apples to Apples card game; a Japanese phrasebook

North Oakland/Temescal


vegan cooking lessons; resume help; copyediting; santa hat; book, "The Number", about saving for retirement; booklet, "The Right Words for Any Occasion"; magazine, "Other", March 2005 issue; CD-ROM, MasterCook Deluxe, version 7.0 (I just bought version 9, so I don't need it); CD, Kidz2Bop -- I think it's children's music for car trips; Fruits & Passion Repairing-Action Hand Butter with Carrot Extract, similar to these products, but a different "flavor"

Looking for:

Breadbaking lessons; a breadmaker; a mandoline (slicer); small (3-4 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide?) bookcase for cookbooks; ink cartridges for Lexmark X75 printer; board/card games; photo printing paper

Oakland North (Near Emeryville & Berkeley borders, Ashby BART)


  • Black, Yellow, Red and Blue ink for Epson Stylus CX6600, C64, C66, C83, C86, CX4600, CX6400 printers (nearly full)
  • Red low-temperature dripping candle for "adult play" (still shrinkwrapped)
  • Big bags full of about $40 worth of organic (Frontier) herbs - Vitex (Chasteberry), Red Clover blossoms, raspberry leaf, oatstraw
  • A bunch of tea bags, including peach green tea, Mother's Milk (tea for nursing moms), Mother-to-Be (tea for pregnant women) and Moon Cycle (general woman's tea).
  • Faberware non-stick 3-quart pot with long handle and glass cover. Non-stick coating is slightly scratched but it's a very sturdy pot.
  • Plastic baseball bat
  • Half of a package of ultra-thin disposable nursing pads
  • Unopened package of cocktail parasols
  • Crisp issue of Cook's Illustrated (Sept/Oct 2004)
  • Bag of baby clothes of various sizes
  • Polar fleece sack that goes in a carseat to keep an infant warm.
  • Two antique (1930s) fruit crate labels mounted between glass and masonite with Swiss clips, two fruit crate labels that are unframed
  • Men's casual button-down shirts in Size M (Gap, long sleeve, gray) and Size L (Old Navy, short sleeve, blue)
  • Sample-sized container of Sore No More (fabulous natural topical analgesic)


  • Seive/colander with handles. Especially ones with holes that are on the smaller side
  • Serving spoons, salad forks
  • Help assembling Ikea furniture
  • Children's clothing, both girl's and boy's, new or in very good condition, in all sizes to fit 2 years old to 7 years old (I'm becoming a foster parent soon, so any other child-related things you have that might be useful are welcome, though I'm not looking for toys yet)
  • Movies on DVD
  • Flower pots and seedlings (flowers, veggies, herbs)
  • Porch furniture
  • Foodstuff (produce, herbs and spices, canned food, etc)
  • Help, info, advice or books on writing a business plan, starting a small business, e-commerce, inventory management
  • Coffee filters
  • Spice jars or other small empty jars
  • Men's t-shirts in nice condition, Size L
  • Feel free to make me an offer if you have something you'd like to barter that's not on this list.

    Oh how I wish it were not illegal to offer unused prescription medications ::sigh::

    E-mail kneidlach@gmail dot com

It cant hurt to ask...

I'm looking to move to the SF area sometime in May, if all goes well. I'm hoping to land in Oakland, but I'm open to suggestions. Thing is, all my money got drained dry by a recent move down to FL to help out family with my grandmother after she fell ill with cancer. The scare proved (thankfully) minor, but it left me in somewhat of a lurch, as i still have the moving schedule, but no longer have resources to follow through as well.

What I am hoping to find instead is someone or some place that will allow me to trade work for a room. I do house keeping, child care, personal assistant-type work, office work, pet sitting, house sitting, errand running, and other odds and ends. I can produce references if requested. This doesnt necessarily need to be a long term deal, as I'm planning on getting a job and getting myself back to the stability I need, but a few months wouldnt be amiss.

If anyone is looking for this, knows of someone looking for this, and/or knows a place I can start trying to find this (besides craigslist, got that covered), any information at all would be helpful.

Thanks so much.

(xposted, but this seemed a barter situation, so on impulse I put it here too)