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SF Bay Area Barter

San Francisco Bay Area Barter Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for barter in the Bay Area. Please read these community rules before posting.

1) This is a barter community. No posts offering or asking for money are allowed. If you post asking for or offering money, your post will be deleted. If we have to do this more than once, your membership will be terminated and you will be banned from this community.

2) You MUST put your city and nothing else in the subject line. If your services are purely virtual, put "Virtual" in the subject line.

3) Please only offer barters that will be useful and available to people in the San Francisco Bay Area. If your needs/goods/services are of a virtual nature (let's say you're offering editing services and looking for a graphic artist) or you're willing to eat the cost of shipping, your post might qualify for this community, but the basic rules are these -- no money changes hands, and an SF Bay Area person has to be able to access your goods/services without paying shipping or any other fee.

4) Right now, this community is unmoderated. If it needs to be switched to moderated mode, it will be, but I hope it won't. Also, soon there will be the ability for you to tag your posts so that your services/goods can be found later. It's more hassle than I thought it would be to let you create tags -- looks like I'll have to make a pre-defined list, and I should get to that soon.

5) Please do not leave your personal contact info (phone number, address) on this journal. Please do list your email address in your post, even if it's also in your userinfo. Posts with personal info, or without email contact info, will be deleted.

The following is not a rule, but a suggested posting format:


I am offering: editing, typing, dogwalking, massage.

I am looking for: childcare, haircuts [please note here whether you're open to receiving other things in trade]

My email address is example@serenepages.org.

As in all internet-based transactions, use your best judgment and protect your safety and privacy. Meet in public places, etc.